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Innovative & Unique

The revolution in vault construction from the Mühlviertel

With the precast truss elements, you save valuable time on the construction site. We guarantee particularly fast work. The elements, which are prefabricated in the factory in Grünbach near Freistadt, are moved and assembled on site within a very short time using a crane. No further work steps are necessary and the element slab can be walked on immediately. By concreting a clean layer, the prefabricated vault is on a par with a standard precast concrete floor in terms of load-bearing capacity, function and further processing. We also install empty piping for the lighting.

Standard spans of up to six meters are possible, for larger spans, the statics of the steel girders must be steel girders must be modified individually. The selected type of vault, the "traverse vault" or also called the "Prussian cap", is very space-saving because through the low ceiling height there is no minimum room height and no vault approaches are necessary.




Prefabricated and yet individual

Antique or new stones, exposed brick or plastered surface - different visual variants are possible. For the vault elements we can use any kind of normal format brick. Antique bricks are individual and unique in shape and color and create a special flair. Due to the uneven and rough surface of the bricks and joints, the Jahn prefabricated vault is the ideal solution for rooms with acoustic requirements, as sound is optimally refracted. The bricks have excellent properties in the storage and reproduction of heat and moisture.

With a Jahn prefabricated vault, you are not only choosing a unique construction, but also one that is sustainable and ecological construction method. The bricks are painstakingly removed from demolition houses, cleaned and are ready to be reused.