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Simply feel good

Jahn living spaces: Places full of comfort and sense of life

The mixture of styles, which originates from the unique material combinations coupled with the modern furnishing elements, bestows every room its unique flair. These rooms are not only for living, but above all for enjoying. Here, you find your centre of life for yourself and your loved ones.

Piece by piece, all your living spaces are designed and realized with an incredible attention to detail. Of course, every individual wish is taken care of. Every room has its own story and we incorporate the personal memories of our customers in the respective rooms.

Jahn-wellbeing-rooms can be integrated in new or already existing houses and flats. Even the vaults can be built in later upon request, provided that the room height is at least 3 m. We, the family Jahn, are happy to support you in realising your dream of wellbeing.

Get to know the Jahn living spaces:

Jahn living spaces
Minimum height of rooms


Live comfortably

Unlimited wellbeing possibilities

Thousands of thoughts and ideas are in our heads. We think about and fine-tune all our projects right down to the last details. Our heart beats in every house, in every living space, as if it was our own home. It’s all about the overall big picture, but also about the countless small details, which make your living spaces so special.

Together with our customers, we have developed many little features, which we are glad to share with you upon request and then implement in the house of your dreams. The high quality standards are an inherent part of our work.

Some details you can find in our projects:

  • Indirect lighting radiates cosiness
  • Flush-mount realization: the door frames, the skirting boards, the glass incorporated into the floor in front of the fireplace – you won’t find any edges or corners
  • Perfect room climate thanks to the water wall and the fresh air supply, designed and calculated air circulation in the whole house and natural air conditioning in the walk-in closets
  • Separate cold store with a lot of space and ideal climate zones for food and drinks
  • Condensates from the kitchen go directly into the gutter


Jahn Wohnräume