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Jahn Vault Constructions

Time for ideas. Room for growth.

Some goals seem to be unattainable in the beginning. But by and by, small ideas turn into great visions, and first steps become fully developed projects. As for us, we enjoyed keeping an eye on Jahn Gewölbebau for over 20 years and letting it grow constantly and prudently. For now we know what the future brings: time and room for development.

Ein Gewölbe in Bau


The Jahn Family


We are a family business. Together, we develop our visions, and together we realize them. Together, we transform every living room into a feel-good-room and every wine cellar into a room that strikes you upon entering.

Our common heart beats in every single construction by Jahn.

A vault under construction


On Display

See and experience Jahn vaults.

We are living in our dream home ourselves! Therefore we
have transformed our own four walls into an exhibition
space demonstrating a special sensation of living, which is worth visiting.

Take a seat in our cozy living room, or let’s talk about your plans in our comfortable study. We are looking forward to
your visit!

Aussenansicht des Schauraum von Jahn Gewölbebau