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Finally at home

Individual and unique - anything is possible

Our houses are so extraordinary because no house ever looks exactly like the other. With its style and design, it fits perfectly into the existing landscape. It lives and breathes the surrounding nature and combines the elements air, fire, earth and water.

Built by hand out of “real bricks” or natural stone, this house obtains its foundation stone on stone. True Austrian craftsmanship from the cellar to the roof, combined with many modern style elements and enhanced by the individual ideas of its owners. Furnished with taste and equipped with the best materials – this is how a Jahn house looks like. This is our philosophy, the method of the family Jahn.

Around the central fireplace which heats the whole house there are open, light and friendly so-called “wellbeing rooms”. The beautiful vaults, which can be incorporated in almost every room, create space for new thoughts and literally extend one’s horizon.




During the building process of a Jahn house, everything comes from one source! Planning, architecture, interior design or material selection – the family Jahn is personally responsible for the whole house and all its parts. The family members place great value on both genuineness and honesty of materials as well as ecological sustainability. We care for highest quality standards at any time. The family Jahn cooperates with long-time existing partner companies only and assumes full responsibility for their work.

The added-value advantages of a Jahn house:

  • A house with highest master builder quality – premium materials
  • A reliable partner – everything comes from one source
  • Individual planning and implementation – from the cellar to the roof
  • Highest flexibility in architecture and interior design
  • Modular system – the Jahn house can be extended as you wish
  • Conscious, sustainable construction – natural air conditioning in keeping with the nature

We have built a show house for our customers in Grünbach near Freistadt. It perfectly blends into the nature and mirrors our philosophy. Just like the “old” bricks in the house, the natural stones were deliberately collected over years. The interior of the house impresses with its light, warm and comfortable design.



Create and design

This is the moment when the individual customer comes into play. How do you want your house to be finished? There are individual solutions for everyone.

Turnkey delivery: We build the shell and the customer takes the interior design in his own hands.

Or do you prefer ready for occupancy? If you do not want to occupy yourself with the details, just tell us your detailed wishes, which we then integrate in the corresponding centre of your life as perfectly manufactured interior design.

We walk this path together with you as long as you wish.

Jahn house